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Student-led Tours at Regent International School

The best way to get a sense of Regent, rated ‘Very Good’ by the KHDA, is to visit us! Led by a current Regent student, the school tour gives prospective families the opportunity to see our facilities first hand and to learn about our 25-year old history, Positive Education ethos, curriculum implementation, enrichment programmes and a glimpse into student life. The tour lasts approximately 60 minutes. Plan your visit now to discover how a Regent education can shape the future of your child.

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Your Tour Itinerary at my School

9:30 am

MultiSmart Learning

Observe how our teachers nurture and unlock multiple pathways to learning by developing a child's multiple intelligences triggering all-round development.

9:45 am

60+ Extracurricular Activities

We offer 60 more reasons to love Regent with a range of sports, performing arts, music and other extracurricular activities.

9:00 am

Meet our Senior Leaders

Our senior leaders enable us to achieve our aspirations as well as excel in academics, and build lasting strong character strengths.

9:15 am

STEAM Programme

See how we combine high impact education in math, science, technology and digital literacy with the arts and humanities to nurture tomorrow's thinkers and innovators.

And you have an extra 5 min to play & enjoy!

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